If you have ordered merch from us, you have helped animals

Yes, that’s right! All the merch sold from our Animal Welfare Category leads to a certain amount being donated to the animal shelters and welfare initiatives that we are affiliated with.


Well it’s pretty simple, whenever you buy merchandise from our Animal Welfare Category a certain amount is reserved from the payment you do.

This reservation cycle goes on for the whole month and the total amount that is reserved by the end of the current month is donated to the Shelter / Initiative in either monetary form or supplies of food/medicines for the animals equivalent to it.

Shelters & Initiatives we are affiliated with

1 - Nandini Aunty's Shelter

An initiative that was started 9 years back by Mrs.Nandini Panicker is running with all its might with the help of young volunteers and Nandini Aunty’s imperishable intent to look after the voiceless, be it stray, abandoned right from newborn kittens/puppies to dogs and cats suffering from diseases that need proper treatment or even surgeries at times.

Currently, the shelter is home to approximately 25-30 dogs 35-40 cats & 4-5 rabbits. 

Location: Mira Bhayander 

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2 - FOA - Friends of animals

Friends of Animals is an initiative by Mr.Sahil Karande.
Sahil believes that “the best act of kindness towards animals is to accept their coexistence and let them live their lives peacefully”, and we couldn’t agree more.

The main motive for starting FOA was to spread the message of ADOPT DONT SHOP and also make sure that the strays stay healthy with proper treatment against any illness if required. 

Since we cannot cover all the details here, we recommend you to follow them on INSTAGRAM.

Location : Pune

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