Edgeless Warrior Candace Owens Trends Again On Twitter For Trolling Ways

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One of the worst things about waking up and checking Twitter is to see something horrible trending. In this regard, Candace Owens takes center stage once again for some awful comments she’s made on the social media platform in the past couple of days.

Yesterday (August 2), the edgeless espouser of disgusting right-wing commentary took to Twitter to give her fans a double dose of ugly rhetoric. Her first tweet that caused a backlash was directed against Megan Rapinoe and the U.S. Women’s National soccer team, who lost in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics semifinals to Canada. Owens targeted Rapinoe primarily for the player’s protest against police brutality and racial equality by taking a knee on the field.

Not heartbreaking at all. @mPinoe is an anti-American piece of trash who does not represent our country, anywhere, ever.
Any person who disrespects the the flag that sons and daughters are sent home beneath while fighting for our freedoms overseas, deserves to lose.
Repeatedly. https://t.co/uSIrSLdnzt

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) August 3, 2021

And in keeping with her reputation of being a troll of the highest order, she decided to continue to push the false narrative this morning (August 3rd) about the COVID-19 pandemic not being real because of a function that President Barack Obama is hosting at Martha’s Vineyard:

I make a pledge, from here on out, to take the pAnDeMiC as seriously as Barack Obama does. I will only host and attend parties of 700 or less.

He and his elite friends are a brave reminder to us all that communism is a dish best served cold. https://t.co/worrNEG6je

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) August 3, 2021

While it’s been understood for quite some time that Owens is an unrepentant far-right provocateur and that this is how she rolls, her tweets these past few days were remarkably tone-deaf and misleading. But the responses she received to both of these tweets were swift and blistering:

One day Candace Owens will look back on this period in her life, and realise that she’s being a monumental idiot. pic.twitter.com/muAgsjg7RK

— Keano (@judgeyourself99) August 3, 2021


— LarkLnd (@LarkLnd) August 3, 2021

Some responses called out Owens for her hypocrisy in disparaging Rapinoe and the U.S. Women’s soccer team for kneeling during the National Anthem while ignoring the ways that her fellow MAGA supporters have used the flag, particularly during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th:

Now do these guys. pic.twitter.com/NIGYwPHmVD

— Daniel Stein (@danielstein) August 3, 2021

also y’all: pic.twitter.com/iyhMdRaRHD

— ًBTR COMEBACK (@bonbondalla) August 3, 2021

While we know Owens won’t stop her trolling ways anytime soon, it’s always gratifying – and hilarious – to see sensible people clap back at the nonsense she pushes online.

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