Teacher David Jamison aka The Dope Educator Who Knew His Kids’ Handshakes Slotted For Gap Commercial [Video]

Source: @thedopeeducator / Instagram

David Jamison

When it comes to the next generation no good deed goes unappreciated. David Jamison, the teacher who went viral for learning all of his student’s handshakes has been chosen to star in a Gap commercial.

As spotted on The Grio an educator has been celebrated his commitment to keeping education fun. Back in 2019 a video hit the internet capturing David Jamison interacting with his kids in a phenomenal fashion. The story goes that he challenged everyone in his fifth grade class to come up with a unique handshake in order to promote individuality. His kids accepted the challenge and he had to remember all of the moves as he greeted them into his class. Footage of the entrance ceremony was caught and quickly went viral. Fast forward two years later the apparel chain has included Jamison in their new back to school campaign.

“Jamison who has advocated for collective individualism aligns with Gap’s brand ethos of celebrating diverse cultures and unique change-makers across generations, leading the charge for a more inclusive, optimistic world together,” The Gap said in a statement to Forbes Magazine. “We want to continue to use our platform for modern American optimism; individuality and believe that cultural expression is relevant.” Global Head of Marketing for Gap, Mary Alderete, stated in an interview, “Our back-to-school strategy, as well as the story behind Gap’s creative which, inspires representation, inclusion and optimism, to welcome kids back as they return to in-person learning this 2021.” Jamison grabbed a national spotlight in 2019 for the personalized handshake dances he performs with his students each morning. While adapted to be non-touch in 2020, the tenacity, excitement, and hype remain the same.

Along with featuring Jamison in the commercial The Gap will up their efforts with “Closing The Gap”, an initiative that aims to advance opportunities for the next generation of Black fashion leaders. The brand will be donating $510,000 to HBCU’s making this the largest contribution to these select educational institutions.

You can see the commercial below.

ON THE MAP! Thanks @GapInc for featuring our very own @thedopeeducator in the NATIONAL spotlight for his innovative and enthusiastic approach to EDUCATION.

We’re #Reimagining901 as we prioritize safety and welcome students BACK TO SCHOOL on August 9! >>https://t.co/LuwMsCFjUG pic.twitter.com/X2ZKbroU58

— Dr. Joris M. Ray (@SCSSuptRay) July 26, 2021


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